Ken Steward

Photography & Motion Pictures



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About Ken Steward

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Ken started using a camera at a very young age.  Even his earliest pictures were often contrived.  He first learned about stage plays when his older brother took him to the local theater where he worked.  He took stagecraft classes through high school.  He also took filmmaking class his senior year of high school where he made his first super-8 movies. 


As an undergraduate he took a couple of classes in film and stage while earning his Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Psychology and a minor in Accounting.


He then took some time to study photography on his own.  He learned theory and a little history from  books.  And he looked at a lot of classic photographs.


He moved to California where he took several photography classes while working on his Masters in Theater Arts with an emphasis in Film Production.  During that time he also ran a small film processing lab for the students.


After completing his degree he moved to Seattle and worked in two Motion Picture Film Labs for almost 17 years.


Ken uses a wide variety of equipment and techniques to create his images.


He is currently living in Tulsa, OK.