Ken Steward

Photography & Motion Pictures



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Prices for Female Nudes and Boudoir

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Photos are shot on Film and then scanned to create digital files.  Pictures are provided on CD DVD, Flash Drive or SD Card.  Both Small Files for Viewing on a Computer Screen, and Large Files for Making Prints are provided.


I offer two different package options:

1.  I select 10 photos from the photo shoot.  Cost is $125.  The files are
provided in 7 to 14 days.

2.  I provide all photos from the shoot; generally around 170 shots.  Cost
is $825. Files are provided in 4-8 weeks.


Also see Framed Artwork.

I offer TFCD to selected models.


Note:  5% of Income from Female Nudes & Boudoir will be donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.